Our Mission

Our Mission is simply “knowing Jesus & making Jesus Known

But what does that really mean….

It just means that we’re a group of friendly people of different ages and from all sorts of backgrounds, and we believe that Jesus and the amazing message of the Bible provides us with what we need to live the lives we were made to live.

Our Church is located in the Barns/Kings Ave. area of Ely and as Christians who are part of that amazing community we are keen to be seen as people who know Jesus and are making Jesus known.

More about this under “About Us” and “What We Believe”

But we’re not just interested in local things…

We also support various international Christian organisations, but our main focus abroad is the Sierra Leone Mission which supports schools and churches in Sierra Leone, you can find out more by following this link http://sierraleonemission.org.uk/






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Parents In the #UK❗️ Are you aware of plans for schools to give teaching that will advocating hazardous behaviour❓ t.co/E1fpzMg9RJ

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What does the Bible Say About Women Being a Preacher or Pastor? A good Biblical article t.co/wgOxzz2Tjk @joshuainfantado #bible

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